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Daylight Studio Booking – Events

2018/2019 Season Event Rates

Event Day 08h00–midnight Prep & Event R20 000 + R3 000 VAT = R23 000.00
Next Day Wrap/Clean up (08h00 – 13h00)  included in above rental only


PM Rental (13h00 – midnight Prep & Event) R18 000 + R2 700 VAT = R20 700.00
Next Day Wrap/Clean up (08h00 – 13h00)  included in above rental only


Day Rental (08h00 – 18h00) R16 000 + R2 400 VAT = R18 400.00

Please note that our rates are based on occupation – 1st delivery to last collection. If your suppliers are early or late with collections / deliveries, you’ll be invoiced Overtime/hr R1000 + R150 VAT = R1 150.00

Prep ½ day (13h00 – 18h00) R4 500 + R 675 VAT = R5 175.00
Prep full day (08h00 – 18h00) R7 500 + R1 125 VAT = R8 625.00

Event related rental - Important Notes:

  • We provide the space only – all furniture, catering, vendor liaison is renters’ responsibility.
  • Parking – we have 6 bays next to the entrance, all other parking is on-street.
  • Music must be turned down at 23h30 & building vacated by midnight (non-negotiable).
  • Although we don’t have a passenger lift, we do have an equipment hoist for loading in furniture & equipment (120kg per load max) operated for you by our staff.  The hoist cannot be used in wet weather or high speed winds.
  • Our capacity limit is 120 guests, this is non-negotiable as per fire & safety regulation compliance.
  • A permit must be obtained by the renter from the City Council if tents, gazebos or outdoor structures are going to be used.
  • If liquor is going to be sold (cash exchanging hands) a license must be arranged by the renter.
  • Our kitchen facilities are limited – caterers must do site inspection before the event.
  • Electricity – we have 2 power circuits with 3x 15 amp plugs & 3 phase on request only. We don’t have a generator so not liable should their be a power outage for any reason.
  • Security – the building entrance will be monitored by our security company – please provide a guest list so that your guests may gain entry.
  • A breakages deposit of R5 000 (no VAT) is required in addition to the rental fee – this will be returned within 5 working days provided no damages or breakages occur.
  • Breakages deposit is due 1 week before event.
  • The total base fee is payable before the event day – see booking form terms.
  • We do not hold dates as provisional/pencil bookings, confirmed bookings only in diary.

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